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CitationKoks, 2006 PubMed
Full InfoKoks, S., Nikopensius, T., Koido, K., Maron, E., Altmae, S., Heinaste, E., Vabrit, K., Tammekivi, V., Hallast, P., Kurg, A. et al. (2006) Analysis of SNP profiles in patients with major depressive disorder. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol, 9, 167-174.

Hypothesis or Background The present study focused on 91 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 21 candidate genes to find associations with major depressive disorder (MDD).
Sample Information160 healthy controls and 177 patients with MDD
Method DetailIn total, 160 healthy controls and 177 patients with MDD were studied. We applied arrayed primer extension (APEX) based genotyping technology followed by association and haplotype analysis.
Method Keywordsgenotyping
ResultSNPs in CCKAR, DRD1, DRD2, and HTR2C genes showed nominally significant associations with MDD. None of these associations remained significant after adjustment for multiple testing. Haplotype analysis revealed CCKAR haplotypes to be associated with MDD (global p=0.004). More precisely, we found the GAGT haplotype to be associated with increased risk for MDD (OR 7.42, 95% CI 2.13-25.85, p=0.002). This haplotype effect remained significant after Bonferroni correction (p=0.04 after Bonferroni's adjustment).
ConclusionsAltogether we were able to find some nominal associations, but due to small sample size these results should be taken as exploratory. However, the effect of GAGT haplotype on the CCKAR gene may be considered as increasing the risk for MDD.

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