Study Report

CitationKronmuller, 2008 PubMed
Full InfoKronmuller, K.T., Pantel, J., Kohler, S., Victor, D., Giesel, F., Magnotta, V.A., Mundt, C., Essig, M. and Schroder, J. (2008) Hippocampal volume and 2-year outcome in depression. Br J Psychiatry, 192, 472-473.

Hypothesis or Background Although the hippocampus has been found to be smaller in people with depression, the clinical relevance of this is unclear.
Sample Information57 patients with major depression
Method DetailWe investigated hippocampal volume (using high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging) and 2-year outcome in 57 patients with major depression.
Method Keywordsmagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
ResultThe left and right hippocampal volumes of patients with a depression relapse were significantly smaller than those of healthy controls.
ConclusionsOur results support the hypothesis that the hippocampus is crucial in the outcome of depression.

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